SEPIA Conseils : About us

SEPIA Conseils is an engineering and consulting company created by Yves Kovacs in 1991. We provide technical expertise and advice for various water management challenges, at river catchment scale as well as in urban areas.

SEPIA Conseils is acknowledged in France and abroad as an expert on several topics :

  • Prevention of flood risks, coastal risks as well as urban and rural runoff ;
  • Integrated stormwater management ;
  • Support for public policies related to water challenges, urban planning and sustainable development ;
  • Public dialogue and territorial discussions.

Our values : evolution, efficiency, pedagogy, enthusiasm, commitment, involvement, sharing, open-mindedness, flexibility.

Our strengths : technical expertise, innovating tools, adapted solutions, concertation, communication, stakeholders’ understanding, decision-making support.

Our consultants have acquired the necessary skills to ask the most relevant questions to the various stakeholders, and to develop a transversal and cross-disciplinary approach. This global understanding is fundamental to define strategic proposals that are quickly endorsed and appropriated by the stakeholders.