Our Activities

Water & Risks

SEPIA Conseils is committed to fully understand the needs of our clients regarding integrated water-related risks management in order to improve resilience towards flood risks, coastal risks and climate change impacts.

What we offer :

  • Elaboration, definition and writing of risk prevention planning documents : action plans, risks management strategies at local and integration of risk management measures in urban planning documents.
  • Vulnerability diagnosis and elaboration of resilient solutions
  • Hydraulic modelling (1D,2D), runoff modelling
  • Implementation and interpretation of decision-making tools : cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis
  • Information and awareness-raising to water-related risks
  • Capacity building and training

Water & Landscaping

SEPIA Conseils is involved in urban project management for which water challenges are essential, both in terms of stormwater management and integrated flood and coastal risks management. Increasing resilience is the ultimate goal pursued by the SEPIA Conseils’s teams.

SEPIA Conseils is associated with Christian PIEL, urban planner and landscaper, current manager of Urbanwater (and ex Chief executive of Composantes urbaines).


Water & Territories

SEPIA Conseils provides technical and institutional support in the public policy-making process, from conception to implementation and evaluation, related to water management (from the river catchment scale to urban areas catchments), aquatic environments and sustainable development. We offer the simplest and robust solutions (stormwater best management pratices), up to  the most innovative information systems to enhance the existing management (eg real-time control of urban drainage systems).

What we offer :

  • Institutional support to water cycle related structures, support of the changes in institutional organisation that are currently taking place in France (transfer of competence regarding aquatic environments protection and flood risk prevention policies).
  • Conception and evaluation of tools for integrated management of aquatic environment and water resources : rivers contracts, water management and planning schemes and master plans
  • Elaboration of urban drainage and stormwater master plans
  • Technical assistance to stormwater management in specific urban projects and promotion of best management practices
  • Technical assistance to the definition of flood risk resilient projects
  • Elaboration of regulatory studies such as the French “Dossiers Loi sur l’eau”
  • Studies on urban drainage system’s potentiel for energy recovery (eg heat recovery from wastewater)
  • Support for the design of information systems and real-time management tools for water networks
  • Definition of carbone strategies for water-related projects

Research, Development and Training :

Since it was created and thanks to its creator’s sensitivities, SEPIA Conseils has always been very invested in the fields of training, capacity-building, innovation and research, in order to take part in permanent knowledge renewal and transmission :

  • Organisation and animation of training
  • Involvement in numerous research programs, completed with scientific publications
  • Co-direction of PHDs/doctoral students
  • Welcoming of highly qualified interns
  • Involvement in scientific publications
  • Organisation of scientific conferences and events
  • Writing od Technical guidelines  towards professionals and territorial entities
  • Conception of pedagogical documents.